Live interviews

Automate and scale your remote moderated user research.

Speak directly with users

Gain insight into what users think about your site, application, product, or process.

See through their eyes

Learn what is memorable, enjoyable, or needs improving.

Challenge your perceptions

Let users inform your journey maps, personas and workflows.

Learn more about live interviews

Live interviews are a fast and easy way to learn how users feel about a specific topic and gain confidence in your design decisions.

What to remember

Live interviews are different from usability tests, as interview insights are self-reported by the interviewee and they aren't typically interacting with a design. Pair them with behavioral based research, such as a usability test, to gain the complete picture.

What to prepare

Be sure to set a goal for the interview and pre-write questions you know you want to ask. It also helps to anticipate potential answers and to have follow-up questions that relate back to your research goal.

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